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    Hole Shot Improvement-gctid810014

    Hi all. Have a 2005 215BR. 5.0 carb, i'm looking for better hole shot for skiing, boarding. Have changed to a high 5 prop, which made a big difference. But looking for a bit more. Would like to pull 2 skiers out. We are not pros!!! Still very much on the amature side. Any ideas or reccommendations for a bit more punch? Change of drive? Pull the plugs on the prop? Would love to supercharge, but hard to find a compatible easy fit kit. Anything Else????

    Dropping pitch and adding blade area always adds to the hole shot and a lower planing speeds.

    If the stern is low or sinking on acceleration adding tabs either static or powered will help as well.

    Engine work including supercharging will be a disappointment coupled with many problems.
    Northport NY