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So My Gelcoat Color Is Unobtanium (pebble) Gray-gctid809892

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    So My Gelcoat Color Is Unobtanium (pebble) Gray-gctid809892

    hmy: Yea I have that orphan couple of years only Gray lower hull that Bayliner only used a short time like 89-90 , something like that . PN: 24414 (pebble Gray) is gone forever according to spectrum so I'm stuck uninhabited the voodoo mix n match method. At least I can get the White / White, some name eh, for the more visible uppers.

    I know a couple of you guys have boats with the gray lower hull and somebody besides me has fixed the nicks. Since I already have white what is a close darker and available gray to use to creat my witches brew color? Or does it really much matter?

    Try these folks. I called about some patch for my 3818 and they were telling me the color name and number before I finished the question.

    They are an enjoyable place to go, but park on the street, it's easier. They have a couple of dogs that think the are attention deprived.
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