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1985 Bayliner Ciera Command Bridge - Gimbal boot, bearing, Ujoint.-gctid809650

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  • 1985 Bayliner Ciera Command Bridge - Gimbal boot, bearing, Ujoint.-gctid809650

    Hey Everyone! Brand new here, coming to say hello and ask a question. Feel free to berate me as is needed.

    So I just recently came into ownership of a 1985 Bayliner Ciera Command Bridge with a Volvo Penta 260a needing some minor repairs of the gimbal boot, bearing and Ujoint.

    I was wondering if anyone could point me in the right direction as to where I can purchase replacement parts for those. I will be honest, I'm new to the game here. I'm am super excited to get her fixed and into the water. I've been a sailboat guy most my life, this is my first foray into the bayliner world. Aside from these repairs everything is in great condition on the boat. I have a team of mechanic friends all rallying around to help me, but my job is to find the right parts and get them ordered before we get everyone together for the work party.

    Anybody who's done this fix, or a similar fix who has advice that would also be greatly appreciated. I've heard you've got to hoist the engine to get at the outdrive, but I've also heard that this isn't necessary. Any info is helpful.

    Thanks again, excited to be a boat owner now.

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    Welcome to the club!

    If your thread title read something like 85 command bridge w VP 260, drive parts needed it may grab the attention of the VP guys that'll be able to assist ya
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      See this is the kind of lingo I need to learn! Thanks for the help!


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        Also, if you do a search for Volvo Penta parts, there are several sites that have the parts department microfiche available and parts lists, part numbers and prices available.
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