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    Bayliner Bounty Leaking Fuel Tank-gctid809636

    I have a 79 Bayliner Bounty that has a leaking fuel tank. I've seen posts that other Bayliners need to have the floor cut out of the cabin to access the front of the tank. I am hoping that I can just remove my engine and pull the tank. Does anyone have experience with the Bayliner Bounty fuel tank?

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        I have a 2452 1995 Bayliner and that is one of the first things I had to do when I bought it.I got an estimate of $6000,and they would cut the floor out.Cant afford that! I got a original tank from RDS for about $500 delivered.I removed engine,and had to cut stringers,and some of the engine hatch to get it out,and also a good winch to pull it out as it is a very tight fit.once I got it out I crawled in and with a brush used a small bucket of axle grease and greased everything.Put new tank in and repaired stringers and hatch. Good luck,but I saved $6000. "Can-Do"