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    Paint and Gauges-gctid809634

    Last year we bought a 99' Capri 2050 SS, it was in cosmetically rough shape when we bought it. I began the repair on it to the best of my abilities, both physical and budget. I need help in two areas. First off the topside looks terrible. I tried to repaint it a couple of different ways and still not happy with it. I found somewhere that there is spray cans of paint that match well. Had the link saved on my phone to purchase at a later date, phone crashed and now for the life of me I cant find it again. Any info on the brand and color would be great.

    Next on the list. the Tach and volt gauges don't function, I have had no luck finding direct factory replacements so I have decided to go with a set of Faria Kronos gauges. My question is, should they fit in the factory holes and are all the wiring on these pretty much the same?

    Any and all help is greatly appreciated.

    I can't help you on the paint, but I can save you a few dollars on the gauges. Contact Faria and have them rebuild your existing gauges They are quite reasonable in price and turn-around, plus what you get back is basically a brand new gauge that matches your existing gauges. They rebuilt a couple for me and I couldn't be more pleased.Give them a call.

    Good Luck,