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Anything wrong with feeding AC Output of Inverter directly into Shore Power Input?-gctid397749

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    Our boat sits on a trailer 10 months of the year. No power, ever.

    When I first bought the inverter, it was for 1 reason only - so my wife could use the microwave oven. We do not spend nights on the hook. We use the boat only during the day.

    In it's simplicity - we have 2 batteries installed solely providing power to the inverter. That's it. And then we have the leads from the on board battery charger/alternator to charge those batteries.

    When I bring the boat home, I turn off ALL breakers (they are already all off, but I routinely do this again). I attach the shore power cable and plug it in. I then turn on the exterior AC breaker. I then go into the cabin - ensure I have AC at the main panel, and then flip on the AC Main breaker.

    Once I then ensure the AC meter is showing current, then I engage the battery charger.

    When we are ready to launch the boat, I do everything in reverse. I turn off all the individual breakers - I then turn off the AC Main. I then go outside on the transom and turn off the AC breaker. I then unplug the cord from the house.

    Now at this point - I NEVER touch the AC panel again - All AC breakers are off.

    When we want to use the microwave, we reach in under the cabinet, unplug the microwave from the "shore power" outlet, and plug it directly into the AC out of the inverter. Then we turn the inverter on.

    When we are done using the microwave, we turn the inverter off. Again, at no time do we ever go near the AC Main breaker panel, nor do I ever turn on the AC breaker in the transom locker. So even if someone accidentally bumped one of the cabin breakers "on" - there is no current coming into that panel.

    Now for that 1 time I might actually get around to spending enough time anchored away from shore power, I don't want to have an extension cord running inside the cabin (right in front of the steps) to go from the inverter to the galley to plug in the TV. IF I have a power cable already run from inside the boat through to the transom locker, then I would connect the cable to the shore power outlet. I would then go back into the cabin, ensure ALL breakers are off. Go back out to the transom, enable the AC breaker there. Then go back inside the cabin, ensure everything looks good on the panel, engage the AC Main breaker, and then engage only the Receptacle breaker.

    I understand there are "oops" moments - hell I just launched the boat yesterday and left the damn drain plug out - and then left the damn trim down when pulling out. But since we have been accustomed to not having any AC available to us for the last 3 years with this boat, I think for the most part for that 1 time we may want to watch TV while anchored - I think we'll be OK.


      Sounds like it should work just as long as there is no charger in your inverter that will try to charge your batteries with it own power source. If it does it will at the least discharge your batteries pretty fast even if you are not watching TV.

      The reason the charger will kill the batteries is because it will not be 100% effecient so it will not be in an even loop so to speak.

      Be safe however you decide to do it.