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No line power 4387 Bayliner-gctid808927

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    No line power 4387 Bayliner-gctid808927


    Any idea why we would not have line power?

    Start at the tower, check the cord. They make different ones for different power demands ...
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      "Any idea why we would not have line power?"

      You should be able to check all f these within 5-10 minutes to get started....

      1. Dock pedestal for power

      2. Dock pedestal breaker(s)

      3. Power cord to boat

      4. Correct power inlet used

      5. Boat power switch set to 'shore'

      6. Boat power breaker 'on'

      7 boat parallel switch set correctly

      8. boat device breaker(s) set to 'on'

      Hope this helps
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        We switched our line power to another boaters receptacle and it worked but then our hazard lights came on so we quit for the night....we haven't been to our boat for 6 months so we are thinking that our power got shut off perhaps ( late when we got I ).. just a little bewilder about those Hazzard lights and we thought we smell smoke as well. As mentioned it was so late last night and so frustrating to say the least. Thank you for response.


          Woe!!!!! smelling smoke is not good. Find out what is smoking right away and go from there.
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