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    might seem like a no brainer but,there are grunding cables in rear of engine to be attached to engine. I removed a couple to add another.I have the switch on up front to ALL because I have dual batterys.When I started putting cables back on,the one from the negative lead on one of the batterys,it threw a spark.I traced a lead from that negative post to the switch.Doesnt seem right for it to spark.Does anyone have a diagram of how dual batterys are supposed to be wired on a 1995 2452 Bayliner

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    When you say switch are you fearing to the MBSS? Only positive cables to the MBSS.

    This diagram has been posted many times, it's pretty much how your main battery cables and MBSS should be wired.

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      Likely the spark was the circuit closing. Perfectly normal, just not something you may not have noticed before. If the battery switch had been in the off position there would not have been a spark because the circuit would have remained open.
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        I agree with Pete. If the MBSS had been in the OFF position there should be no spark. If it was in the ON position you could get a spark. I just installed new house bank batteries and had the same thing happen. Turned the MBSS for the house bank off and had no problem.
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          it should be right,i have no spark when it is off


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            +1 to circuit closing. If you see actually shorting the + and - leads of the same battery together there would be a big spark. Still, be careful when you tray to attach the cables.

            Good luck.
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