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steering cable, tilt tube and a narrow motor well-gctid808684

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    steering cable, tilt tube and a narrow motor well-gctid808684

    The steering is stiff on my little 160. I've disconnected the motor from the steering cable and the motor turns freely. So, to get the steering cable out of the tilt tube, I'm lightly hammering it through with a piece of rod.

    Well, the motor well is so narrow on the 160 that the steering cable is jammed up against the side of the motor well and still 1/2 - 1 inch inside the tilt tube. I can't seem to pull it out any further and can't push it back in the tilt tube by hand.

    I feel like that scene in Austin Powers when he was turning the golf cart around in the hall, hitting one wall then the other...

    Any insights would be most helpful.

    I remember the same scenario doing the same thing on my 1800. I was able to access the steering cable from from the storage area behind the rear bench seat and manipulate it enough to get it out. How big is your OB? Maybe it could be unbolted from the transom and slid sideways enough to get the clearance you need?
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      It has a 100hp outboard. I wound up removing the rubber boot where the steering cables come out of the hull and working at it enough to move the collar back to the tilt tube... I did a lot of steering to work out some old lube, wipe clean, spray wd40 and repeat until alot of the old lube was out. Then coated lightly with with lithium grease and connected it all back up. It steers much smoother now.

      I did ask the shop how they handled that situation and they say they always have to take the motor off because there's just no clearance. He said it's about 3 hrs labor.