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No Raw water flow 5.7 merc w/ alpha 1 gen 1-gctid808534

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    "grey.wilfong" post=811514 wrote:
    Small note on my specific engine and thermostat housing. This specific version appears to be around 1989 or so thermostat housing design number II. It has the two additional hoses that connect to the upper exhaust elbows(presumably for cooling the elbow?) and apparently needs those check ball and for them to be adjusted properly.
    Haven't been on this site in a long time! Good to see the same good folks helping people with problems

    How do you adjust the check balls? I have a 1989 5.0 with A1G1 and a similar setup. My elbows always run hotter than most folks say they should., so maybe my check balls need adjustment?
    Steve M.
    Marin County, CA
    1989 Arriva 2050 KE
    5.0LX, 230 HP Mercruiser, Alpha 1 drive


      No adjustment to those check balls,

      Just tighten the lock nuts.
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        "Chief Alen" post=808751 wrote:
        check #9 #3 #2 ether the tube is cracked , the impeller housing wear plate or the housing itself is fugazied.

        I like to install the complete new housing with impeller.

        Speaking of the impeller it's aftermarket ?

        Reminding everyone this is a alpha 1 gen 1 drive he has, and i actually prefer it to the gen 2.

        [attachment]36229 wrote:
        Look in the diagram where #36 is. This is a cover on the "strainer" for the intake water to the pump above it. When Alpha impellors get dry and disintegrate, the pieces drop down into the compartment inside #36. Take the screw loose and look inside, if there are pieces of rubber inside, that's the problem. Clean it out and try again. The reason I know this is my friend had this happen on his boat. Also run a car speedometer cable thru the part from the pump to the top of the drive.
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          Steve in Cal,

          I did have to polish the surfaces where the balls seat and stretch the springs out a little, but other wise, like Ruffy said, just tighten the Lock nut down and be sure everything is moving smoothly and seating properly.
          Grey and Catherine Wilfong
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