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New (better, more efficient) Prop for Ciera 245?-gctid808342

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    New (better, more efficient) Prop for Ciera 245?-gctid808342

    Hey all,

    I'm a noob, so forgive my limited knowledge for now. I'm doing my best to try to get up to speed ASAP. I just purchased my first boat (2003 Bayliner Ciera 245 with the 5.0 220HP), and in general I could not be happier with the boat. As I've noticed from other threads though, some people feel that these boats are underpowered and get bogged down ..especially with heavier loads (say more than 4 people, full fuel/water tanks, gear, etc.). I'm having the same problem, but even when it's just me, the boat won't go over 30KTS, and the engine RPM is pegged at 4000. It's also very slow to get on plane under heavy load. I'm wondering if this may be a prop issue. I have no idea what the prop is (standard 3 blade is what I see), but I'm wondering if it's not the most ideal for the boat. Perhaps it's too big or the pitch isn't the most ideal? I'd like to upgrade to something that will maximize performance. Not necessarily top speed, but something that will get up on plane faster maybe? I've seen some pretty fancy schmancy props out there like ones that look like a corkscrew? Seem to be two props stacked into one? Are these better? I definitely want to stick with aluminum as there tends to be debris in the waters around Vancouver. If anyone has any recommendations (especially 245 owners) and what has worked for them, I'm all ears. Thanks so much!


    Seem to be two props stacked into one?...

    That would be a Bravo 3 drive, yes they are better.

    4000 WOT, you could be under propped & 4 blade prop will get you on plane better.

    Verify what you have first.
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      I have the exact boat, 2003 245SB 220HP Alpha 1 drive. I had the precise issues you describe with 3-blade and 4-blade props that came with the boat. I finally spoke to our local prop shop and they set me up with an in-house prop they designed for their owner's 265SB, they call it an elephant-ear. Quite large blades (3-blade) and it absolutely woke the boat up. Even with 6 people and their gear and coolers I can get it on plane pretty quickly without having to use the trim tabs. I cruise at 25-26 mph (GPS) turning 3600 rpm. Top speed is about 35 mph (plenty for us) turning about 5000 rpm, maybe a bit more. I can send you the name and number of the company that makes them if you like.


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        Just bought a 245. Same issue here. I’d like the prop info please. Tks !