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Deck Repair - 1999 Capri 1850-gctid808190

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  • Deck Repair - 1999 Capri 1850-gctid808190

    I have a 1999 Capri LS with soft spots in the deck that need repair. I have owned this boat for the past 12 years. Floor has become weaker over the past 3 years and needs repair over the gas tank and near the seat boxes. I have not taken out the carpet yet to fully assess. I want to know what I may be getting into first before tearing it all up. Need to get it back on the water! I am looking to find the cheapest repair and will consider doing it myself if possible.

    1. Is there anywhere to find details of the stringers and how the deck might be attached for this model?

    2. Is it possible to replace the deck or portion without the removing the seat boxes that appear to be fiberglassed to the deck.

    3. What is best way to check condition of foam without tearing too much apart.

    4. This may be dumb, but can I add decking over the top of the existing decking. Could I replace parts of the existing decking that may be bad and then put a new decking over it all (granted extra weight to boat).

    First post... thanks for any help!

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    Remove everything. ..

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      I'm a new member too and just got a 1950 capri with no floor! (for free though) and I don't know anything about putting in a new floor so actually posted a question about that myself ("Capri 1950 flooring") but haven't gotten any replies yet I have been doing alot of research on it though and found several videos on you tube that show the layout of the stingers and bulkheads( /cross supports ( here is one or you can look it up's called "1988 Bayliner Floor replacement" if the link doesn't work ) but not how to support the new floor at the outer edge,which is what I asked for help on in my post)although I have been thinking about it and probably will just shim all the outside edges to make a platform the for new floor)

      I also found another video that would apply more toyur situation because it shows how the guy just cut out the rotten sections and put a new deck over the existing deck without removing the seats ,consoles, etc.. as you asked about doing I don't know if that' s a good way to go or nt, but look at it and maybe it will help you decide