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2850 Contessa Tank Replacement,-gctid807890

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    2850 Contessa Tank Replacement,-gctid807890

    I have my new tank(155 gallon, 3'16 thick instead of OEM 1/8), rebuilt front and back bulk heads, new sole, painted bilge, new fuel lines, glued (5200) 3/16 UHMW strips to the bottom. All systems go. Slide tank into it's very pretty coffin where it should rest peacefully for the next 30+ years. Or so I thought.

    Screeching halt yesterday, I have a rock from SB rear corner to front port corner between 3/8 (10mm) and 1/2 (13mm) inch. Now what to do? When I glued the strips on I turned it over and set it on the floor(pretty flat concrete floor) and let the glue wet out. Must be a high spot on the sole.

    Shim it? Slide some 5200'd thinner UHMW under the high corners of the current UHMW strips and tab it?

    Stabilize/Equalize it and tab it in like it was originally?

    Foam it and forget it?

    Boat is on a trailer.

    Tank is of course empty. If I clamp one corner down and step on the high corner my 225# might flex it 1/16"? Can't really measure it with out help but visually it seems very little.

    One problem with using the UHMW/starboad on fiberglass is it slides, like on roller skates.

    As I posted above, it had been tabbed on the top of the tank to the stringers. I was thinking of using 5200 and adding aluminum strips/tabs to screw into the stringers with lag screws. Any other innovative ways to keep it from moving?

    Regs say no more than 1/4" per side clearance, I might have a little more but the tank overall is no smaller than original(48 L-R 70" F-B). Might have 3/8 side.

    Bryers Cottage Marina
    Harrison Twp, MI

    Had to add additional shims to both sides of mine during installation to support the tank properly. Many massive blobs of fast cure urethane are what hold my tank from moving around within its surrounding area.

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