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Fresh water in the bilge.-gctid807875

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    Fresh water in the bilge.-gctid807875

    So after chasing phantoms looking for leaky transom shields I finally discover that I have fresh water in the bilges.

    Now the first time I noticed the water was after I changed my water filling method.

    After filling the water tank the first time by the new method, using the jet setting on the hose and blasting the water into the tank I thought it took some time to fill the tank compared to previous times. Away we go for a couple of weekends topping the tanks off on our return.

    This I believe is when the water filled the bilge.

    Although I can't confirm it yet as I need some knowledge, but I think I have a leaking water tank.

    I cant identify the location of the tank but think it is under the cabin sole. This will be great news if it is as we have just replaced all the carpet and glued it down.

    Has anyone seen any articles on repairing this problem for an Avanti 3250 3450 or 3555.

    Looking forward to the input, but probably not the work involved repairing it.

    Aren't boats just fun?

    Put some food dye in you tank to test...
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      "Ruffryder" post=807900 wrote:
      Put some food dye in you tank to test...
      This^^^^,, although a leak can't be discounted, it's usually rain leakage, Could be a leaking hose. Over time the hoses shrink or crack and start to leak.
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