Finally got my boat out to try out the new ProPulse prop. Wow! I'm impressed!

Went from a 15.52x15, to a 15x17, to this one, a 4 blade composite prop with adjustable blades. I have the 14.5" prop set at 18" pitch. Hit WOT at 4600RPM with 26gph @ 33kts. Yup! I'm impressed!

The takeoff was definitely quicker, but the real difference was in the fuel economy. I used to get 9.8-10gph @ 20kts (2.3MPG). Today I got 9.6 gph at 22kts (2.7mpg)! Oddly, the engine seemed quieter. Might have something to do with how light this prop is compared to the AL ones.

Wasn't sure what to expect, but I'm delighted I made the change.