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    trim tabs-gctid807433

    so this may sound like a silly question, and I feel like the answer is obvious, but that's not going to stop me from asking! I have a leak on my port trim tab. Fortunately, that's not the tab I need in order to level the boat out. Is there any reason why I shouldn't be able to refill the fluid and use the starboard tab, until I can get the boat pulled out and properly fixed? I feel like each tab should be totally separate due to the solenoid valves, but I guess I just need reassurance!!



    Hey there, alngoff!! Welcome to our version of the puddle!!

    Repairing/replacing those trim tab cylinders is pretty easy really. Heck, I did mine so anybody ought to be able to do it. There are repair kits for the tabs (has a few O-rings, etc.) . . . . they're cheap and fairly easy to do. You don't even want to think of the "pollution fine" you might get if somebody can see it leaking! . . . it's just good stewardship to repair.
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      Assuming you have Bennett tabs. The actuators are separated via the solenoids at the HPU. However you can try and snug up the upper seal by hand tightening of the leaky actuators body into the hinge, no special tools required. Sometimes that's all it takes.
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        Not Bennett unfortunately. I can lay on the swim platform and feel the.broken line going into the actuator. The fix is pretty simple, but unfortunately there was a pretty big fire at my marina earlier this week so I don't see the boat coming out of the water any time soon.


          Just be careful that you do not run the side with the broken hose in reverse (tab up) as it will suck water into the system.


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