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    3.0 Engine Swap-gctid807163

    Hi guys, I finally found (what I hope) is a good engine for my 1991 Capri 1850.

    This Engine is 2000, however, there are a few subtle differences that I need some help with.

    The "drive" connections are slightly different, as shown in the attached pics is this an easy fix ?

    Thanks in advance for the help,


    You are seeing a year model differernce in the "drive couplers". Either should work!

    Perhaps double check the center-to-center dimension between the rear engine mount axis.

    In other words........ see if of the previous and replacement engine's flywheel cover (aka bell housing in the automotive world) mounts are the same distance apart.


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      Is this a crate motor? If so where did you buy it? Just curious I was looking for a 3.0 motor and couldn't find one at a reasonable price. I ended up buying a whole boat with a motor and outdrive to get what I needed. Funny I can buy a whole boat complete for $500 and some people want $2K just for the motor stripped. Of course the stripped motor has been reworked but if you find a decent motor in a boat someone is trying to get rid of that is the way to go in my opinion.


        Your 91 had the old non sleeve coupler,

        2000 engine has the extended sleeve newer style coupler...

        Up through 1991, the 3.0 engine was produced with a two-piece rear main seal and a 12-3/4ÔÇ│ flywheel. Then in 1992, the engine was produced with a single piece rear main seal. Finally in the year 2000, GM upgraded to a 14ÔÇ│ flywheel.

        2 O ring drive shaft on your current drive?

        Splined drive shaft will need be replaced or...
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          Thanks guys, I'll figure it out.

          Pretty sure I can get this thing going again.

          Ap.... I placed a wanted add on Kijiji and this was a good option, you are correct though I had a LOT of calls from people wanting me to buy their old boats but most didn't have trailers and were obvious garbage !!





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