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Bravo 3 shifting issues-gctid806781

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    Bravo 3 shifting issues-gctid806781

    When shifting from Forward to Neutral and also from Reverse to Neutral, i hear a grinding noise as if the clutch is not engaging correctly. If i move the shifter forward or back a bit the noise stops but i also cant tell if it then goes into gear.

    Could this be a shifter cable adjust issue or low fluid level? something else maybe.

    Any help would be appreciated
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    You may find that the issue is at a plate mounted to one of your risers where the shift cable from the helm and the cable from the drive are mounted. In that assembly there's a separate, spring loaded plate that may be sticking and not letting the drive cable have full travel. If this is something that is showing up as a first of the year after storage, my bet is its a stiff cable system rather than an out of adjustment system.
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      Grinding while coming out of gear sounds like it's not completly disengaging in the drive. Id say an adjustment at the very least at the shift bracket mounted to the starboard side exhaust elbow, a new lower shift cable may be needed as well.
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        How fast are you shifting? If you shift slow enough you can make it grind. Fluid level is easy enough to check. How recent have you changed the gear oil? Greased the gimbal bearing? Greased the shaft? etc. Start with the easiest and most obvious things first. With all that said it does sound like it might be a shifter cable. Did you check to see if its loose or there was play in it? Hope its something simple like the cable because the some of the other possibilities aren't good. Let us know how it goes.


          Cone clutch .

          What rpm is the engine in the water on a warm engine ?
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