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info needed how,the water line is run from the 75gal tank to the demand pump?-gctid806595

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  • info needed how,the water line is run from the 75gal tank to the demand pump?-gctid806595

    Hello, I am a new and proud owner of a 1985 3270 command bridge Explorer Bayliner. The boat has been completely restored internally, and now working on the bridge. I launch for the first time last week into the Hudson river and am now located in Half Moon Bay Marina about 8 miles north of the Tappanzee Bridge. Would love to meet someone with a similar boat. The marina where the boat has been for 32 years has no history on it, since the previous owner (now deceased) did all of the maintenance work. The marina pulled and launched.

    My current dilemma is getting fresh water to the sinks and shower. I am looking for information on how/ where the water line feed is run from 75 gallon mid ship tank to the demand pump located in the tunnel. I uncovered the tank, top and forward end, but cannot locate the water outlet flange and outlet line to the demand pump.

    The current layout was taking lake water up through the bottom of the hull, through two (what look to be ) household water filters then to the inlet of the demand pump. At least that is what looks to have been plumbed. I have moved the boat to the Hudson, where the river water source is very questionable. I can not locate the feed line from the tank. the fill line and I expect breather must be installed on the tank, because it is definitely now full. I have sweating on the top of the exposed aluminum tank, no leaks. I would appreciate any assistance that is out there. Thank you in advance ! Mark on Jessarae II

    PS: if you have a Bayliner 3270 and are in the Pennsylvania/New Jersey/New York area, I would be happy to chat with you, and hopefully learn more about my new project.

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    The outlet should be on the bottom of the side panels on the tank.

    Try to google it for your boat with year and water tank
    2005 Bayliner 285
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      Thank you for your quick response. Do you know where the connection is located? Is it forward of tank or aft? I assume the connection is on the Starboard side toward the tunnel?