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Depth finder from factory vs. aftermarket-gctid805873

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    Depth finder from factory vs. aftermarket-gctid805873

    Hi everyone!

    I am taking about ordering a new VR5. The question that came up was if I should go with the factory depth finder (380 dollars if I am not mistaken) or go with an aftermarket product. The Bayliner version looks very basic and costs quite a bit compared to the depth/gps/fish finder options on the market. Drilling holes in a new boat is something that would hurt me. So it is cost and function vs no hassle and more money. Your thoughts?

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    Ok, first off - how handy are you? You don't have to be rocket scientist to install new electronics but If you don't know your + from a -, then I wouldn't attempt it and have the new boat come with whatever you want on it. Warranties can cover a lot of sins.

    But . . if you're handy and want to do more than what is installed already, we can sure help you out. There are lots of guys on here who have installed everything from dual engines to thru-hulls to bimini hardtops with some fiberglass work thrown in. I don't personally know how the boat will be set up when you buy it but I would imagine that there is some latitude for accessories. You just have to find our where the hookups might be and then start asking questions . . . installation instructions are normally pretty good coming from the manufacturers . . . . . so take your pick . . . . :whistle:
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      You can also go with aftermarket shoot thru the transducer. No holes required.


        Hi Dadrock33,

        I would say I am okay, but probably would have somebody at the marina helping me - which may offset the price difference. It just bothers me that a unit that looks like it would cost 10 dollars actually runs at 380 and that you can far more functionality with aftermarket products. They look better, do more, and are cheaper. But then again - it is a small boat and we would use it on the intracoastal with the family. No actual need to see any fish on the screen...


          Hi Redskyjoe,

          Sorry - not following you as I am completely new to boating. Where would the transducer be placed and how do you run the cable to the unit?


            Buy what you will need for your boat, if you fish at all buy a fishfinder/chartplotter this will also show depth,, it does not need to be an expensive one for your proposed use, a color unit is nice.
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              Just found this thread. I'm ordering a VR5 soon and am disappointed the stock depth finder doesn't show water temperature like the Lowrance one we installed on our 175.

              I'm wondering if go with the Lowarnce do we need to install it the same - on the transom and drill through the hull - or can it re-use whatever nicer mount the stock may come with (assuming it does I'm not sure where the stock transducer is installed).