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Confirmation Request - throttle connection (2556 357 merc)-gctid805003

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    Confirmation Request - throttle connection (2556 357 merc)-gctid805003

    Good morning all,

    May I please ask someone for confirmation I am or am not missing a spacer outlined in the attached photo?

    In my attempts to mitigate the sticky throttle controls... I have replaced both lower and upper help control cables and upper helm was even treated to a need throttle assembly...and as the engine/carb./throttle assembly are all new... I'm running to the end of my list of possible culprits :blink:

    BOAT: 1991 - Bayliner 2556 Ciera Flybridge
    ENGINE: 357 Alpha 4V (275HP)
    OUTDRIVE: Alpha Gen 1
    RATIO: (to be updated)
    PROP: 15 1/2" X 15P
    NAME: "Knotty Oar"

    Marine Search and Rescue Crew -

    Landin, mine is exactly as yours is pictured. My upper helm throttle controle is a bit more stiff feeling also, even with a new cable. You could try a thin spacer in that area (ss washer) but more important is to make sure you don't overtighten the nut on the pivot shaft (that goes for all of them) and the cables sweep out to the controllers with as little deflection as possible. I spent some time re routing my controle cables to avoid sharp bends and such. Also make sure the friction screw isn't to tight.

    Hope that helps some.
    Edmonds, WA
    "THE FIX" '93 2556
    Carbureted 383 Vortec-Bravo II
    The Rebuild Of My 2556
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      I took a bunch of pics while I was shopping for a used 2556.

      Here's the one I ended up buying (newer fuel-injected 350 MAG MPI Horizon).

      [img size=800][/img]

      Here's a pic of a 5.7L 2556.

      And one of a 7.4L 2556.

      And one of a 2556 with a Volvo engine.

      Looks like Volvo was the only one to take extra steps to space the two throttle cables apart. Both the surveyor and mechanic explained to me that the throttle will feel stiff because (1) you're moving the the throttle in the other helm at the same time, and (2) because the 2556 is a relatively small boat, the bends in the throttle cables are sharper and thus have more friction.
      1994 2556, 350 MAG MPI Horizon, Bravo 2