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Propeller and Decal question - 2250 Cobra-gctid804388

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    Propeller and Decal question - 2250 Cobra-gctid804388


    I just bought a 2250 Cobra from 88 with a 5.7 OMC Cobra

    The boat came with a 15x19 Alu Prop. Is that the standard? I have a Carlson CV23 with the same engine and it cam with a 14,1/4x23 and I sometime use a 15,1/4x24 Signature Stainless and both props a PERFECT - so, as the boats a similar size and the same engine I was a bit currious what other owner use.

    The other question is: I am missing all decals on the boat. The "BAYLINER" sticker on both sides aft as well as the "COBRA" sticker that sits on top of it (and i saw pictures where ther was a third "COBRA" sticker on the bow in front of the windshield.

    The stickers are not available any more - checked with bayliner in germany and the US. So did anyboday reprint them? I would be happy to do that and already have a vector file with the Bayliner decal but could not find anything regarding the cobra sticker - no vectors and not even a proper picture taken in a right angle so I can make it in illustrater. Just want her to look original again.
    All the best
    ┬┤88 Bayliner 2250 Cobra

    14 x 19 SS
    Joon, Kathy, Jaden & Tristan
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      Try these guys for your decals:
      CapMartin, Montreal QC
      "Belle de Dalhousie"
      1986 3270 SOLD
      Volvo BB225B


        My 1988 came with 14.5 x 19 prop. I ran a 15 x 22 for a week or so once and it was much faster but would not launch without cavitating. I have the Bayliner side decal in my computer and could cut you a couple if you still need them. I too would like to have a set of three of the Cobra decals. I have a good image on the ski that came with my boat but have never tried to copy it. maybe I'll work on that.