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Blower and Bilge Pumps both died.-gctid396928

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  • Blower and Bilge Pumps both died.-gctid396928

    Hello all,

    I own an '83 Bayliner, cuddy 17.5 ft, Inboard Outboard Mercruiser 470, with 170 hp.

    I am currently having issues with my blower and bilge pump. I took the boat into the mechanic and had the engine puled to attempt to locate a tick i was hearing under slow idle. However once the engine was re-installed, I noticed the bilge and blower no longer worked. I have checked all the fuses behind the dash and they all appear to be intact. However, I am uncertain if there are inline fuses and if so where might they be?

    If it isnt the fuses, any tips on how to change out the bilge?

    Thank you.

    83 Bayliner, 17.5 ft,470 hp

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    Bilge pumps are fused back near the battery. They usually connect directly to the battery.

    I know when I work on my engine, the fan is exactly where I want to put my foot. I wouldn't be surprised if the wiring was damaged.

    Both Bilge pumps and Fans do die occasionally. I've replaced a few. With regards to the pumps, I usually get a bigger one.


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      They were working when you brought it in, and not after the mechanic working on the engine?

      I'm trying to tell you something........
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