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    Outdrive concern-gctid802125

    I have 1988 OMC cobra outdrive.Works fine but the paint is gone around the oil plug area.Other side of outdrive doesn't have this problem.Should i be concerned?

    Sorry to say this boat is a Thompson that is used in saltwater.

    That is not an oil plug, do not ever touch that. Thought I would get in first because many will say the same thing. As far as the paint, I would make sure the anodes are good and the right ones for salt and repaint the drive. And do not ever touch that screw, paint over it...Oil plugs are on the other side.


      Yup, time for some paint maintenance. Sand, clean, use zinc chromate primer on the bare aluminum and an enamel topcoat.
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        I had the same problem with my 88 OMC, Bonding jumpers were there but had paint under them, no continuity!

        Found it in time for OMC to warranty to cover repairs!

        Ck to make sure that everything is bonded together!

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          Thanks much for the help.Glad i didnt touch that screw.I never knew.