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How Do I And Where Do I Hook Up Digital Tack(39)s-gctid801793

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    How Do I And Where Do I Hook Up Digital Tack(39)s-gctid801793

    Only one out of four tack gauges work. The ones in the lower helm do not work at all. Up top the port works fine and the starboard does not work at all. If I could get the starboard one to work up top I would be ok since I don't use the lower helm. I bring the port engine up to the RPM that I want to be at and balance the starboard engine by sound. I am thinking about going to digital tack's but not sure how to hook them up or where. I would be thankful for any help.
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    Sorry to be a you-know-what here, but it's "Tach", as in tachometer.

    I would start by testing each tach individually at the gauge to see if the gauges are bad, or if the wiring and senders are bad.
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      Well, you probably want to start off determining why the 3 of 4 Tachs don't work in the first place. If you have a multimeter, you could ground one side and hook the meter to the signal post on the back of the Tachs to see if they are getting a signal. If they get a signal then the tach itself is dead. If there is no signal that it's either the sender that's dead or the signal wire is open.

      If the senders work it's a much easier prospect to go digital. You can do it with any one of Noland, Actisense or AlbaCombi units. I have the AlbaCombi and at this point, I'd probably start guiding people away from that device as the support sucks (non responsive) and the manual is equally poor. You can hook the sender up to one of those boxes and it will convert it to N2K which can then be displayed on your MFD.

      If the senders are dead, it's the same job, but you have to replace the sender first.
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