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Bayliner 2455 Overheating-gctid800729

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    Bayliner 2455 Overheating-gctid800729

    My wife and I bit the bullet and bought a Bayliner 2455 with an OMC 5.7 Engine last year. We love this boat but we have been having problems with the engine over heating. it would over heat in ideal or if the rev's got passed 20,000RPM. I had to replace the OMC Cobra Stern Drive upper section as the gearing had stripped out ,we changed the water Impeller ( a number of times) Im thinking there is possibly an issue with the exhaust manifolds and risers as this boat at some point was in salt water and they look extremely corroded. Im told i have a Chevy 350 block my question is can you replace these with any Manifold and rise for a Chevy block ? At the moment im looking at striping the stern drive down checking there is suction all the way though to the thermostat housing. ( I cleaned out all rubber form the oil cooler) The engine starts up fine every time and appears to run fine apart from this over heating..

    Several aftermarket exhaust components can be used but they need to couple up to your OMC sterdrive. In other words search for OMC replacement parts.
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