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4788 Pilothouse Port Windshield Wiper Timing-gctid800674

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    4788 Pilothouse Port Windshield Wiper Timing-gctid800674

    Recently while I was in the process of installing my windshield cover in place while I had the wipers pulled up in order to install cover I made the mistake of turning on the Port wiper while in that position which seems to have put it out of time. When I put the wiper down and tried it again it went past its normal stop position on the windshield. Does anyone have any suggestions on how I can get the wiper back into it proper timing sequence and stops on its appropriate windshield. I would appreciate all input and suggestions.

    Thank you,

    Terry Grigg

    Dream Catcher

    I cannot help with your timing.....but I just had a new windshield cover made that goes over the wipers. It is one of those small improvements that I smile about every time I use the boat.

    I was always worried about breaking a wiper when the cover went under the wipers. Also, I never let guests do this task. Now, I just grin while others are responsible for this cover.
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      Fairly simple but aggravating.

      Remove the nuts for the wiper arm and the pantograph arm.

      Remove the arms, you may have to pry the main up off the tapered ferrule.

      turn wiper motor on and then off.

      Reinstall wiper arm and pantograph arm at the desired "at rest" location you had before.

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        Terry, getting the arms and ferrule off is easier said than done. A puller may be required and/or even cutting/replacing the shaft. The sweep is adjustable by getting to the wiper motor in the pilothouse crawl space above the master suite ceiling which may be easier if you can't get the arm off the shaft. It'll take a helper outside/switching the wiper off/on. Very small adjustments makes a large difference. The port wiper is a bitch to get to, lying on your back, harder if there is an a/c unit in the space as well. Look at the centre or s/b wiper motor mechanism to figure out the screw sweep adjustment, then you can go exactly to the screw on the port motor.

        I live in an area where the sun really does a number on everything, so I lift my wiper arms to right angles when resting at the dock as the hot glass cooks the rubbers. I then have sunbrella socks that cover the wiper arms. That really protects the wiper rubbers. My windscreen cover is one piece and is hard up against the glass, so the arms need to be off the glass/on top on the cover anyway.

        Hope this assists. Cheers
        John H
        Brisbane QLD Aust

        2000 - 4788/Cummins 370's


          I had to replace the P arm. I used a heavy duty pulley puller. The light one I started with just bent. It took some force but eventually came off. Also soaked with PB Blaster. Put a big towel around your work area so any misc parts don't bounce around and overboard. When I installed the new one I coated the spines with superlube.
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