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    hull growth-gctid396689

    Not sure if this is the right place to ask this or not, I live in florida on a canal off the ICW and the growth on the hull and running gear is terible. i went out yesterday and could only get 5 knots until i got in and scraped the prop. (interesting adventure in the ICW). was able to get up to 8 knots. I now to to finish scraping the outdrive and the hull. does anyone have any suggestions on what to do to help with the growth. i have bottom paint on now, i do need to redo but not sure what would be the best for here. any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



    If the growth is that bad, you will probably have to call a diver fairly regularly. I did that for awhile and then decided to switch to rack storage. Haven't regretted it since. Where we are, the cost is only a little more than having a diver in twice a month. I had fresh bottom paint on also and I painted the drive before we launched it, but most of the fouling was on the drive and that's what caused most of the problems. It's hard to keep the drive clean.
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      A haulout and fresh bottom paint is in order. It happens to the best of boats...

      After putting her back in the drink, contact a diver for regular bottom cleaning. It's the way of the world. And boats.


        Over here on the gulf coast, divers charge $2 per foot for bottom cleaning. I pay $90 per month, only get it done once a month since i take her out often.

        I have noticed that if I go longer than 4 or 5 days without having the boat out, the build up accelerates!



          I am in NE Florida on the ICW and had Trinidad SR on the hull and Trilux 33 (brushed, not the one in the spray can) on the drives. Both did very well, especially the Trinidad SR. But the problem with the Trinidad SR is if it is out of the water for 72 hours or so, it is completely dead and you will end up having to repaint. This paint job lasted almost 2 years in the water year round.

          When I had the bottom redone this past spring, I wanted a bottom paint that could be hauled without a time limit on loosing it's effectiveness. So this time around, I have Micron Extra on the hull and went with Vivid on the drives. Time will tell how this combination holds up.

          I do have a diver check the boat every month. He gives me a report on the condition of the bottom and the anodes. He also cleans the props, etc. and replaces anodes when required. I am not 100% sure, but I believe he does have customers in Palm Coast. Let me know if you want his contact info.




            I use a good quality bottom paint and has taken me a while to find one that works.

            After barnacles blocked my drive inlet ports, this year i have put a large canvas bag over the lower leg, the handles are hooked over the ends of the trim cylinders and a bungee cord is holding it in place. Has really worked well so far no weed growth or barnacles whatsoever after 2 months.

            It's a bit of a pain putting it on but worth it.

            I will take a photo next time i am out.