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    Prosport 8 charger-gctid396621

    Ok so here's the deal I've looked on this site for my answer and can't seem to get a good answer so I'll ask my own

    I've got a 95 bayliner with a single battery right now. We love going out and throwing the anchor and just listening to music. With that said I'm planning on adding a second battery to the setup. I'm hoping to amplify the sound system so that's going to draw on the battery even more. Would I be ok to get the Prosport 8 to keep my batteries charged. Im only needing to keep the second battery charged while we are out on the lake. The whole purpose to the second battery of. Purse is to keep my starting battery safe for motor restart. Thanks in advance and if you know of a better setup for my needs please feel free. I'm def a boating newb

    Anybody. Pleaaaaaase


      Do a search "adding second battery" listed 4 pages of previous posts, many of them answered your question. Not sure the 8 amp battery charger you mentioned is the right one. Do a search "battery charger", lots more to read.


        IMO, you not only need a good battery charger, but you need a second battery bank (HLBB) that offers enough Amp Hours to accommodate your demands, and yet without drawing it down below 50% SOC.

        These should be Deep Cycle batteries.

        No sense in adding one more single battery if it's going to be continuously drawn down below 50%.

        That will shorten it's life span.

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          If you are looking at the prosport or any of the other promariner chargers, check out chargerguysales on ebay. He remanufacters and warranties that line of charger on ebay. He has fantastic prices and service. I purchased the promariner 1240c from him for $169. It got damaged 1 1/2 months after I installed it when installing my new motor. He sent me a new one and told me I could keep the old one. He didn't even charge me for shipping.

          I highly recommend it.

          I've been a very active ebayer for a very long time and he has been the best seller I've dealt with.

          Best of luck.



            Thanks everyone for the replies. I though about pairing up 2 more batteries to double my house current but I'm affraid my alternator won't be able to charge that large of a bank. That would give me 3 batteries though. One for starting and then the other 2 run in parallel for my electronics