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new to bayliner ownership... need help ! won(39)t start-gctid396017

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    new to bayliner ownership... need help ! won(39)t start-gctid396017

    Hi everyone, have a 86 2235 with 125hp force outboard. won't start.

    replaced battery, no fire to spark plugs, no power to coils any advice ?????

    Kill switch?

    Should be by throttle. Little pin that needs to be held out
    Boatless at this time

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      tried that ,

      still no fire......


        +1 kill switch? The most common problem for non-starters.... Mine even kills the engine if it looks like it's in the correct position.. I have to push it really up to make sure it gives contact.

        sometimes they go completely South....


          Is it a Force outbord, or a Merc? It's a big difference!

          If it is a Force, it is actually what the Chrsler outboards evolved into, and has nothing to do with Mercury.

          Check out the Chryser/Force forum...they have some experts out there.

          Again, if it's a Force, it's likely a prestolite CDI ignition, and the troubleshooting is different than any points style ignition system. Are you looking at a 4 cylinder, one coil per cylinder?

          Ifr so, to shut down the spark they actually short the 'magneto' source to common, otherwise it will run forever!

          Try these:

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          Hello - I am new to this forum but a longtime boat owner. Unfortunately I have to start my first thread with a tech question and I'll try to keep it short and direct. Last summer my 50 HP Force died - no spark from either coil but power everywhere else. I got it in the shop a couple weeks ago...

          The second one has a wiring diagram in it.



            I have a force motor 2235. thanks for the wiring diagram. when I bought the boat the guy broke the kill switch, he replaced it with a screw. Sometimes the boat will run perfect. I figure it is something simple, I'm just over looking it...

            Hell I don't even get any reading on my volt meter,going this morning to get a new one try it again. and replace the kill switch. I'll let you know if it works