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  • AQ125 A Running rich and is hard starting-gctid395974

    Engine AQ125 A with a Solex carb. Is there any way to lean the fuel air mixture on these carbs. Engine is hard starting and after I did get it started I pulled the plugs and they are black, which indicates to me that it is running too rich.

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    Pull the # from the carb and google search it, there are rebuild kits for them. But first I'd try to see how the boat performs before just basing your opinion on plug color at idle or on the trailer. There is an idle adjustment screw on the carb you can try playing with. Download the manual from the 1st post in the vault-link below in my signiture.

    These engines are designed for ~4000rpm cruise and will idle a bit rich and lopey with the cams that come in them. I've had three and they were all this way.

    These have no choke and always start hard when cold. I have resorted to an old seafoam bottle(metal) kept on board with a few ounces of gas in it to spritz my motor before cold start up. A cap full into the bronze filter element and a couple throttle pumps while cranking seems to get the job done.

    If it's acting loaded up after sitting(rough chugging gassy smelling on start up), the carb could be dripping fuel into the motor while sitting, loading it up and emptying the bowl at the same time. New needle and seat may be needed.