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    ProNautic charger install questions-gctid395962


    Just got a new ProNautic 1215P. My previous ProSport 12 got fried last week.

    My question is, the ProNautic does not come with cables, so I have to wire it. The ProSport had a positive & negative lead going to each bank. The ProNautic only has a connection for one negative, so do I only wire in 1 negative lead? And does it matter which bank it connects to?

    And I guess a second question is I have two banks & the 1215P has 3 positive connections. Do I wire all 3, or just the 2 that will be used?



    Connect only 2 +ve leads, one to each of the 2 batteries you're charging. Tape off the 3rd one so it is protected from contacting anything.

    Both batteries should already share a common ground, probably a bolt at the engine block. Connect the negative lead so that it is connected to that common ground that they're already connected to.


      As Mike said above and with the pronautic also consider these as well....

      - A ground wire to the bonding post on the side of the unit

      - wire the temp sensor (phone type wire) to the ground side of the house batt.

      - Figure your wire gage sizes for DC runs by adding the entire lenght of the plus and minus leads

      - Figure your wire gage size for AC runs by looking at the max amp draw on your unit and the wire run length

      Hope this helps
      Northport NY


        Ditto Mike, and I'd suggest taking your two charge leads to the rear of your MBSS terminals #1 & #2, rather than directly to your battery + posts!

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          Great, thanks for the info guys!