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    OMC Cobra Drive Shift Link Adjustments-gctid395867


    I just wanted to make sure I thanked you guys for the assistance.

    Last May I posted some issues I was having with the new to me 2955.

    The advice & info I received was "TOP SHELF"

    I particularly want to thank you's & especially Chief Allen, for the advice, links & material on adjusting the shift linkages.

    Before launch in May this year I had the Mech. pull the drives & armed wit hall the literature from links you had pointed me to, he found the Port side was out almost 1/4" & starboard about 1/8".

    So far they shift much easier although the Std is smoother and easier to get into neutral than Port.

    BUT what a differance in my landings, I am not blowing shifts all the time now. The Admiral as well as my Slip mates have noticed & commented on my skill level.

    I again would like to thank you & soon will be able to drop the CRUNCH from infront of CAPTAIN


    I was looking for your thread on that but couldn't find it. Got a link? I am about to do this project myself. Glad it worked out for you.


      I copied & pasted the link Chief gave me