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2001 Capri 160 Wiring Issues - Please Help-gctid395556

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    2001 Capri 160 Wiring Issues - Please Help-gctid395556

    Hi All,

    Thanks for taking a second to read this..I think I may have been duped. I bought my first boat the other day from a classified ad. I have boated with friends but never owned my own. So I checked what I could, water tested the boat and purchased it. Boat seems to run ok 30mph top end WOT with 3 adults.

    Heres my issue - Nothing on the dash seems to work except for the volt meter. All switches - horn, lights, manu bilge show no power with a test light. Speedo works intermittantly and the fuel gauge worked the day of the water test but does not now. Tach did not work on test day. Thankfully the auto bilge works because the manual will not. Where can I start with this? I have looked over the wiring diagram (not that im an electrician) and everything on the boat seems to match. All wires are color coded and numbered from (what I assume) the factory..very clean and labeled consistantly.

    I just wanted to have some fun and spend nice sundays with the family. Any experience with this or advice would be greatly appricated.

    Thanks All


    Check all Negative connections as well as the Positive connection. All too often we over-look the negs.

    The "I" terminal on your ignition switch generally provides power to the instrumenation.

    Since the Volt Meter is working, you may want to check the Pos/Negs to all other instruments.

    Also, get rid of that Auto/Off/Manual bilge pump switch, if you plan to moor this boat.

    You'll want the bilge pump float switch to be independant of any means of cutting power to it... such as when you leave the boat and turn your battery switch OFF, of which cuts power to the Auto/Off/Manual bilge pump switch. :thumb


    Attached files [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/699248=29187-Manual OFF Auto bilge pump switch.jpg[/img]
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