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NEED HELP !! With 3.0 OMC I/O Wiring Harness-gctid395004

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    NEED HELP !! With 3.0 OMC I/O Wiring Harness-gctid395004

    Hey guys just put a motor in my 1987 Bayliner capri.

    I have all the wires hooked up except for the ones pictured (black ones hanging on pin). I cant seem to find where they go, I think they're ground wired but not sure. The motor turns over when I cross the starter. But its like the boat has no power when I try to turn key in the ignition. No gauges light up and completely nothing happens. The ignition switch was good when i last used it a few weeks ago with old motor. Any help is good. Thanks!!!

    Does anyone have a bayliner capri with the same motor? If so could someone take some pics with the wiring harness? I'm having trouble finding a harness online

    Update: I cut thr red/blue and the big black wires at the cannon pug and just bypassed the plug and it fired right up and the gauges work. But the horn, bilge, blower, nav light, anc light arent working. They are all on the same panel. Does anyone know what it could be? or what color wire controls that panel?