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  • 2450 Forward Bilge Pump-gctid394860

    I have an '87 Ciera Sunbridge 2450. Had a few inches of water that accumulated in the forward bilge under the stairs. Had about 8 inches of rain over the past few days in Florida and I suspect it came in from the anchor line locker. I turned on the bilge pump, but there seems to be some obstruction in the discharge line. There is only a trickle being discharged overboard, but when I disconnect the hose from the pump, it is pumping a full stream. I'm a new owner, only had the boat a couple weeks and haven't even had it in the water yet.

    Is there a check valve in the discharge line that could be stuck shut? It looks like I would have to remove the fridge in order to see where the hose connects to the thru-hull fitting. Can someone confirm this?

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      Should never be a check valve in a bilge pump discharge line. If you can get the hose off the pump easily, do that & try to blow some air through the line. That will tell you pretty quick if you have an obstruction. My guess is you either have a blockage or kink in the line, or the pump can't push through the hose once connected. How much rise between the pump & discharge?


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        There's probably about 8-10" height difference between the pump and the thru-hull. I looks like the original bilge pump is still mounted in the bilge and they installed a new one right in front of the old one. I'm wondering if routing the hose to a different spot has caused it to kink near the thru-hull. That's the only portion of the hose I can't see and I think I need to remove the fridge in order to see where the thru-hull is.

        One more question - is there supposed to be a drain that connects the forward bilge with the aft bilge? This is a 1987 2450 Ciera.


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          2450s never had a forward bilge pump. Anything above the 2450 (like the 2550) got one.

          if you have one it was likely added after the fact.

          And I believe that there should be some drainage from forward to back.
          Matt Train
          BOC Site Team
          Chicagoland, IL


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            My 87 2450 has a factory fore bilge on a flote switch


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              Humm, My '89 2155 has a factory forward bilge pump.


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                my 83 does not....i found out after i bought the boat and step in a spot i hadnt stepped on when i was inspecting the boat right under the step...i ended up taking up the floor...good thing i did...i dont know how water got in connection between the motor compartment and the cabin that i can water since i have had it on the trailer and plenty of rain....but all is dry rotted on the floor....gonna put a new floor in and a cabin bilge...just havent figured out how to route the hose yet....any one who has one oem in the cabin can tell me how it is routed...


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                  Advice based on my experiences with our recently purchased 97' 2452. Water showing up under the stairs is most likely coming from the stern. Your bilge pump hose is probably cracked and you are moving water, just not out of the boat. I would suggest NEW bilge pumps be installed, don't trust what you have. Put in new ones and if the exsisting ones do work, keep them for replacements. Rig up a portable bilge pump, on its on power source, as a back up. If your gimbal bellows, exhaust bellows, and especially the shift bellows have not been replaced, do so. The shift bellows WILL sink your boat! Marine insurance companies say that is the #1 boat sinker!(check it out on "youtube") Check out your scupper tubes, if cracked, once the shift cable bellows leaks in enough water, the scuppers will go under the water line and VERY quickly SINK THE BOAT. Be safe, know the boat BEFORE putting it in the water. Have fun!