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  • Carb question and, Went crazy with spray paint-gctid340762

    The PO of our boat went nutz with black spray paint... seems to be all over the carb too, so I am considering rebuilding both of them for I am sure the other looks pretty much the same. Why someone would remove an aresstor to paint carb throttle plates is beyond me.

    I decided to poke around post Christmas eve all day ride... was very calm and nice. Discovered a leaking oil hose going up to the filter. Seems to be 2 oil hoses per engine, send to filter and return. Down about a quart on the port engine, with about that much in the bilge. Used one of those soak up thingies to clean up a bit. Several questions:

    Can you tell the year of a hose by its labeling?

    Is it common practice to replace all oil hoses at once? Not sure how often these will fail, although rated at 250psi... Failed at the compression area.

    Would you rebuild a carb that looks like this?

    Is there a rubber piece or gasket that is supposed to go between the carb and arrest filter?

    Thank you in advance! I have another thread about fuel pumps and my fuel situation, so please take a look at that one too and comment. Appreciate all the help that can be had here, what a great group!!!


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    I replaced one of my oil lines last year. My parts guy said that it's very common. I am going to rebuild my carb this year, but it's very clean compared to yours. I would think you want all that paint off. I don't I have a seal on my arestor though.


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      I'm almost afraid to post this cause it puts me out on a limb. That carb doesn't look marine. The return should have a bend in it pointing down.

      You have a electric fuel pump ?

      Reason i ask is a mechanical fuel pump would have a yellow " supposed to be clear " return hose to the carb maybe i am missing it.

      The reason for the return hose is, if the rubber goes in the pump then the fuel would be pumped to the carb instead of the bilge where we all know would cause a very dangerous condition if the fuel should pool there.

      Don't do anything yet let's see what others post about the pic of the carb you put up.
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        Jim, regarding your carburetor paint concern, I left a comment for you in your other thread.......... (post #11 here)
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