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2005 2855 water pump under stairs-gctid393873

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    2005 2855 water pump under stairs-gctid393873


    The fresh water pump seems to not be working on this boat. There is power to the switch so I'm assuming the DC breaker is OK. The pump is buried deep down the staircase and is hidden by the cabin heater above it. On this model Bayliner, only the top stair tread is removable along with the middle riser. Older models had the bottom stair tread removable.

    Question is, how do I get to the pump without disassembling the staircase?


    Any takers? Have to tackle this tomorrow morning.


      I don't have experience with your boat, but on my 2005 265, the water pump is below the staircase - I've had to get at my pump a few times lately (and still haven't fixed it yet).

      The "only" way I could get to it was to take the staircase out.

      If - and that is a big if since I don't know what your staircase looks like, but if your staircase is similar to the 265, there's only a few screws that hold the entire thing in place.


        Are you sure the bottom steps do not come out??? I have an 02 model and you have to remove about 5 screws...two of which are removed from the aft cabin. Have you looked there? As far as I know there where not many changes to the 2855/285 so its hard to believe they changed that.


          We have a 2355. I really can't help you since our fresh water pump is in the engine compartment near the fresh water tank.

          We have a second bilge pump under the step (which won't come on until there is mucho water down there due to its height abouve the bottm of the boat).



            Well job is done. Bayliner really made this hard to remove. As suspected, only top stair opens and middle riser. Not possible to remove others without breaking stairs apart. Had to replace fittings on water tank too. Right hand is bloody, ribs are soar, shoulder is badly chaffed. Bad design change.

            Previous owner thought they could fix water leak by taping fittings with electrical tape.