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  • Gear oil on transom?-gctid393625

    Hey everyone. I have a 1994 2452 with a 5.0 alpha1 and I noticed that there was some blue oily substance spattered on the transom after cruising for about 15 minutes at 3000 rpms (21kts). No strange or unusual sounds from the stern as well as the drive oil reservoir was full after getting to our destination. My first thought was that I have a decent sized leak in the outdrive that sprayed back onto the transom while underway. When the oil reservoir was still full, I am not sure what the deal is. It didn't appear to happen on the way back to the dock (15 mins, 3000-3800 rpm 21-25 kts). Any ideas? Middle of peak season in Lake Champlain, I don't want to be stressed if it is something simple! Thanks for any feedback!!


    1994 2542

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    wonder if you drove through something? Clean it off and see if it comes back.


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      Check the oil in the drive pull the bottom plug. Let the drive sit overnight. If you see milky oil you have a leak. The bottle being full means nothing. Pull the prop. see if there is fishing line wrapped around the shaft will look melted maybe and flat. Might even look like a plastic washer.

      Maybe is could be you went thru a oil slick but then again wouldn't it be all around the hull ?

      Post back what you find, this could be actually a one seal deal, the drive shaft seal is easy and costs little money and time to replace.Actually a 2 seal deal, there are 2 back to back for the drive shaft.
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