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    Running hot...-gctid393581

    So the story goes like this,

    I have a 1996 Bayliner 2855 with a 7.4L Carbureted engine, Bravo III outdrive. The boat had never been in salt water before I bought it and I decided to install a closed cooling system on it before I started using it in Salt water. That was last spring and it worked great the whole summer, until the last run of the year. It started running hot after being out for about an hour. I shut her down and let it cool for a while and then pulled over to a nearby wharf. After retrieving my trailer I moved her from the wharf to the trailer. A load squealing sound was heard for about 15 sec and then stopped.

    After getting her back home I tried to run her again(muffs with hose on) and experienced similar results. She would fire up fine and run for a couple of minutes and then get hot.

    Thinking it might be something to do with the closed cooling system I removed the whole system and returned to the way it was. Fired it up and the same results were experienced. Ran fine for a couple of minutes and then got hot.

    Could it be the water pump on the engine?


    Sbenson11 wrote:
    ...Could it be the water pump on the engine?

    A prime suspect I would say. Another taletale besides the screech is if water weeps out of it near a seal.

    First check the easy things - loose belt for example.

    If you want to test the water pump, what I would do is pull some hoses and see how much flow there is. I have a similar engine and year. First, check that your sea water pump is delivering at least a surge flow to your thermo housing (your setup should deliver a strong flow). From there, it flows down the large return hose that feeds the water pump, goes through the block, and back to the thermostat housing. You will have two to four outlets from the thermo housing that expel water through the exhaust system. Water should be coming out of at least two of those outlets with a decent steady flow.


      Could be something simple like you sucked in something and now it's stuck. Try what wildman posted and get back to us.
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        I removed the hose from the thermostat housing that comes up from the oil cooler and attached a longer piece to it and put that over the side.

        Fired it up(muffs with hose on) and nothing came out of the hose, not a drop.

        Sea water pump now me thinks?



          You are saying that when you run on the muffs water does not make its way through the hose attached to the outlet side of the oil cooler? If so, then that needs to be fixed first. First, if your impeller is due for replacement, I would go ahead and replace that because that should be done anyway. If you don't think the impeller would be the problem, you should verify that a) no water makes its way to the inlet side of the cooler, and b) this happens with the outdrive down or half-down, and c) examine the hose that connects the inlet of the water cooler to the fitting at the transom, just to make sure it isn't kinked.


            Problem solvedSea water pump was the issue after all

            [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/697925=29058-Mount Pearl-20120623-00179.jpg[/img]

            [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/697925=29059-Mount Pearl-20120623-00180.jpg[/img]Thanks for the repliesSteve