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Engine turns slow won(39)t start.-gctid392545

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    Engine turns slow won(39)t start.-gctid392545

    Tied up at the slip my boat started normal. Ran it in neutral for 15 ÔÇô 20 minutes at 2000 RPM. I put it in forward at an idle for about 30 seconds, paused in neutral, then did the same thing in reverse.

    Then while it was running at 2000 RPM, I went down and crawled over to the engine on the port side to check on a small leak that happens when the engine is running. As I was looking for the leak I noticed the engine was starting to slow down. Now the engine was running at about 1000 RPM, I crawled out and looked at my gauges and all looked normal.

    I revved up the engine a little, then let it idle and it stopped. I started it again and it acted like it was cold and I had to give it more throttle to keep it going. It stopped again with a cough. I tried to start it again. The engine turned very slowly and I noticed the steering wheel would turn slowly while I was trying to crank the engine (I know that sounds weird but it did).

    I removed all the plugs and they looked good. I removed the coil wire and it came apart at the distributor cap. It still did not turn over very fast with the plugs out.

    What is going on?

    26 foot, 1980 Bayliner Explorer, Volvo Penta AQ120B engine with a 270 outdrive.

    May need her help.I do for mine.

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      Went down to the boat, put the plugs back in, new wire on coil and it started and ran fine. Don't know what happened on Sunday but it's not doing it now. Yay.


        Bruce55 wrote:
        ... but it's not doing it now. Yay.
        The worst kind of problem. I'd do a shake down cruise and see if it happens when the boat warms up. If it does, time to put on your thinking cap.