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1988 omc 5.0 gm won(39)t shift into forward gear!-gctid392500

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    1988 omc 5.0 gm won(39)t shift into forward gear!-gctid392500

    We have a 1988 with an OMC 5.0 305. It will go into reverse, but will not shift into forward gear. It sounds like gears grinding. Any sugggestions

    Perform all shift cable adjustments per the OEM manual. You need to have the engine shift lever vertical and have the correct length on the lower cable when in neutral. Then you need to make a shift arm adjustment depending on the total throw of the upper (helm) cable. All details are in teh manual.

    Check the drag on the lower shift cable, ideally done with the drive off, but you can get a general idea if something is wrong by doing it by hand. Check it by removing the lower cable at the shift bracket and trying to shift using just the cable. A helper will have to spin the prop when trying to shift to get it to engage. Stiff lower shift cables are a common OMC issue. If it is the original on the boat, it needs to be replaced.

    Then follow the troubleshooting guide in the OEM manual if problem persist.