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    Leaking problem-gctid392241

    Hi Guys !

    I have a leaking problem in the back of the boat . Water is coming through the portside sterndrive (shield )is not very much but it is irritating me i .And it makes me wonder is there wodd to give it strength inside the plastic in the back of the boat on Bayliner 3055 -1994 or is it just plastic ?if ther is wood in the plastic i think i have a big winter job a head of me.

    I have Alpha one Gen 2 is there a typical leak problem whit this drives ?

    I hope you understand my English i Live in Sweden .

    Regards Torgny

    Is there anyone who knows something about this ??

    Regards Torgny


      I am having a similar issue.... I hope you get some good replies soon.

      Ive been told that depending on the storage conditions, i'm thinking Sweden may have harsh winters like Cleveland, that the drive boots and other gaskets and such need to be replaced every 5 or yrs, again depends where and how its stored (heated)...

      Ive yet to specifically identify my stern leak(s) they are small and ive been putting off taking care of them for three yrs...and dont want to regret it later.


        Can you tighten the bolts that hold on the drive? If yes then you very well may have transom rot. The rubber boots maybe have holes letting water into the boat. The water seeps past the gimbal bearing and into the boat.

        You know when the boots where changed last or have they ever been changed ?

        The drive has to come off the transom probed for rot, and the gembel bearing checked and probably replaced if water is present in the shaft boot.

        You asked in my humble opinion i think now is the time for you to do it not after the season.
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          Is the water entering from the shield itself, or one of the bellows (boots)? I have the same 3055 and same outdrives and have never had a leak from the shield. The bellows (all 3 per drive) are part of a PM that should be done every few years. Do you have a way of pulling the boat to check the condition of the bellows?

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            Could be the swivel pin or swivel shaft seal is leaking. That's what happened to mine. Look where the steering arm comes out of the transom and see if water is leaking from that area. If so, then the swivel shaft it is! I used a cut and patch kit to access and replace the swivel pin for ~$50 (not including the pin), so it's not too bad cost wise.


              Tank you guys fore your replays .

              I have changed the bellows but not the gearwire bellows i did the same thing on both sidses .I dont seems to be the problem the old ones was ok to

              i suspect the rubber sealing aginst the hull is the bad one . Looks that it can also be one of the 2 bolts in the bottom on the shield. should i try to tighten the bolt when the boat is in the water ?

              Regards Torgny