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  • New to Inboard/Outboard need help-gctid391302

    I just purchased a new to me 2008 Bayliner 175 with the Mercruiser 3.0 in it. While doing the inspection of the engine for the normal "issues" I noticed an item which I have never seen before. There is what looks to be an oil dipstick with 2 collars attached to it, which ride up the water lines. It has a warning on it (I am nowhere near my boat right now) which states something to the effect of "exhaust purge....warning hot temperatures".....What is this, what is it for?



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    Nate, the best thing that you do for yourself, would be to purchase an OEM service manual for your specific engine model.

    Merc will show everything by engine model number.

    You'll not only find what you want and need to know, but it will also spell out the necessary steps for proper winterization, etc.

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      Tough to say w/o a pictures. But, if it's just a garden hose cap attached to the raw water hoses, it could be an attachment for a garden hose. This would allow the engine to be flushed with the engine OFF.


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        like I said I'm in tampa right now and the boat is in north carolina, so what I will do is when I get back to north carolina I will snap a picture and see what you guys think. thanks for the replies!!!


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          I'm guessing that you mean the "quick-disconnect drain hoses", clearly visible in blue on the picture here:

          Our 175 has them too but I've never used them, a good flush using the hose and muffs on the outdrive is all we've ever done but the climate in Brisbane never gets cold enough to freeze so even in mid winter the block will be OK with some water still in it (as long as its not salty) and the "too cold for boating" season only lasts a few weeks anyway.

          Here is an online manual that covers this, have a look at section 6-A, page 6A-8


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            That is exactly what I am lookin at. So reading in the manual all the "dipstick "is for is to hold the lines down. Thanks for the link!