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    Restoring the old family boat-gctid390842

    I've built a small sailboat from plans.. now I want to learn some other boatworking skills.I was given the old family boat when I graduated with my bachelor's degree back in 2005. It (the boat :P) hadn't been used much for a few years even prior to that. Now after shehas sat for 7 years, I've finally gotten her down to home and time to start work on getting her sea(river)worthy. She's a '91 1850 inboard/outboard.


    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/694450=28645-IMG_0022.jpg[/img]7 years of sitting outside, fortunately at least with the (camper?) cover on, leaves a bit of dirt.. But some hard scrubbing and soapy water have removed most of the problem. There's still some slight discoloration on the back, need to find a way to get that cleaned. Also, the drive lift is disconnected. A quick call to my brother and I found that the outboard part didn't lift up the last time they had it out, so they had disconnected it to get it trailered home way back when.


    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/694450=28652-IMG_0026.JPG[/img]The ski compartment hatch was completely rotten. You can also see the small garden that has started on the deck. Some quick shop vac-ing and I've gotten most of the loose stuff up. And the bugs... oh the bugs.. Somewhere in there I've got an ant farm to go with my garden. I knew about the rot before hand, the deck is a bit soft around that area, but feels solid elsewhere. We'll see what it looks like when the carpet is out.

    [img]/media/kunena/attachments/vb/694450=28653-IMG_0033.jpg[/img]So I've got her in the garage now, and I have removed as much as I can from the interior, such as the seats. The built in cooler area is slightly broken (it is where people board from the stern ladder after all). I also noticed that the styrofoam insulation outside the cooler has been melted in the area closest to the engine.My current to do list is:Get engine service manualRemove carpetRepair deckClean interior/bilgeClean out gas tankNew carpetFix battery wiring, replace batteryOutboard liftCheck to see what works(other than engine)Engine maintenanceTry engine and pray?Now, I've got a few questions hopefully some one will help me out with.. The side compartment rails along the deck, how do I remove those? Also, how are the upholstery peices along the interior sides of the boat removed?Thanks for any insight!

    Two things, first is this a 3.0 mercruiser or L drive? I hope 3.0 ... much much better drive train

    Second, sadly, I would think if the ski locker is rotted the floor and stringers are two...but maybe you will be lucky. Floor and stringers is a huge messy job...