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    12 volt mind game-gctid390462

    I have a 12 v fan mounted over the helm, next to a depth finder that I think was used in Run Silent Run Deep ( US Marfine brand , don't have a clue how to use it but it powers up ) and an older marine radio . They all seem to be connected to a junction or something like that in the overhead area above the helm. Here is the problem. Sometimes they work, sometimes they don't. Not a major deal, as I have a depth finder and another radio on the fly bridge. It is very puzzling. When they don't work, they don't, but all other battery stuff does. A couple of times the radio turned on( powereed up for a second ) and then nothing, the fan has done this too. I can find any blown fuses and again they seem to work when they want to. Any ideas or help in figuring this out would be appreciated.
    Raymond 14
    1997 3388ES
    twin merc 350 inboards

    Follow the wires through the boat to the power source. Clean up poor connections and bad fuses. Check the voltage when all devices are running and see if they're getting enough power.


      I am betting there is a common ground. Most people go for the pos side and clean that up. Most forget it takes a good ground to make a circuit.

      You say you don't use that piece of equipment ? Take it out.

      Don't know even how it works remove it.

      I'm bare bones on my boat, i have a am / fm radio, a vhf hard wired, and a fishfinder depthfinder small unit hardwired... a battery hand held backup mounted under the dash, " i'll grab that one if i have to bail out of the boat in a hurry ". That's it. My gps is a hand held battery operated suction cup mounted on top of the dash. My cell phone car keys and wallet go into a large mouth mayonnaise plastic container. That goes with me also if i have to bail.

      My suggestion when you have a free day, go thru the boat remove what you don't use, and get rid of the dead weight.

      You will be surprised of what you don't really need on a boat and it's there taking up room and weighing you down.
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