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  • boatworkfl
    yellow is the neg battery wire, gray is a navigation light, blue is the color for lighting, you should be able to go from here, do not know why the wire is blue and gray.

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    Guest started a topic Anchor wiring help-gctid346315

    Anchor wiring help-gctid346315

    Hey Guys,

    I recenly added a wakeboard tower to my boat and it came with a light that can be mounted to the top of the tower. This light would replace the white anchor/stern light. I went to try and figure out how to wire the new light but I need some help. I was able to find that there is a gray/blue wire going from the current stern light to the switch that turns it on. However, there are multiple wires of this color at the switch! The other wire from the light is yellow and there are yellow wires all over the place! I know the easy way would be to trace the wire from point A to point B but I can't do that by sight because the wires are not exposed all the way from front to back...Maybe I need a wiring diagram of my switch...

    Please help me!