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    Capri 2050 trolling motor selection help-gctid389510

    Hi all. Just joined, and thought I would seek some assistance. I have a '99 Capri 2050 that we've had since new, and finally getting around to making it more fish friendly. I just finished putting on a Lowrance Elite 4, and next step is a TM.

    I know I will be building a platform to replace the front cushions, place for seat, and a mount for the TM as well as battery. My fishing will be very casual, my son and I, and maybe one of his friends. In searching through the Minn Kota web site, they seem to recommend a 55# thrust model. Given the casual nature of our fishing, i dont forsee needing more than a 12V TM.

    I currently have a dual battery system with a Perco switch (as well as an onboard dual charger), so I'll have a second battery that could be used in a pinch.

    So my questions, are:

    - Is 55# thrust adequate for this boat to fish casually?

    - Any recommendations on shaft lenght? 52" vs 54"

    - Assuming Minn Kota, any problems with the foot cable-steer Maxxum model (specifically the Maxxum 55/CS) ? (Cable-steer as it wont cause added power drain.)


    Can't help with the shaft length or brand (I'm a Motorguide fan). With regard to the thrust - I run a 19' walleye rig and need all of the 24V, 75# at times. River current up to 4 mph and wind can really push you around. Boat control is also critical when jig fishing for walleye, so more is better than not enough. I'll go out on a limb with suspecting you will not be river fishing and will likely be casting and retrieving and not vertical jigging. That being said and if the wind cooperates, the 12V, 55# will probably get the job done.

    If you go to the Motorguide web site ( they step you through a questionnaire that is a great guide.
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      Eyeman, yes we will be mostly casting and retrieving. Occassionally vertical jigging for stripers, but this on a lake, so no currents to worry about, and probably wont worry about wind too much.

      Will take a look at the Motorguide site, again.