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    2355 gas tank removal-gctid389460

    Unfortunately I need to remove the gas tank from a 2355 due to corrosion. Is it better to remove the engine and try to slide the tank back out or try to cut the floor below the rear bed and try to get the tank out thru he cabin if it fits? Has any body done this on a 2355? Any suggestions would be welcomed, before I start cutting.

    Regards Jim

    Queensland. Australia

    My opinion would be through floor berth. It's a pretty straightforward carpentry project to cut away the plywood using a router. Just plunge to the depth of the plywood alone and take the floor out in strips. tank will lift out and then replace the plywood when done.
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      Thankyou for your reply Somesailor.

      Before i start cutting, do you know if the tank will definately come out thru the cabin and around the corner from the rear berth. I will not be near the boat for a few days.

      Cheers Jim


        had my 2455 leak gas in the first yr.....bayliner took it out thru the midberth ...removed the bedding.....cut the floor...and pry the tank out that way...then up thru the salon and out the entry hatch.....once the new tank was in...they replaced the plywood and glassed over it all...couldn't tell if it was replaced or not...

        :arr ar


          Thankyou everybody for your replies. Looks like we will be doing some cutting next week.

          Cheers Jim.


            Just did that last weekend. The tank comes out the aft with no problems.The tank is fiberglassed in along the top of the tank.Try to cut the plywood an inch larger than the tank that will leave the cut out right on top of the strringer and make putting the plywood back much easier. GOOD LUCK