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    Which synthetic oil-gctid389280

    My 09 5.7 Volvo Penta Needs an oil change again, but which one. I have been told that here in the pacific northwest, Oregon, Washington and BC that 10-30 is not the best to use due to the colder weather. Please give me your input on this. I will trust the brand and weight recommended. Gary
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    Use the manufacturer's recommendations for your oil- the PNW is no harder on an oil than anywhere else with temperate weather.


      I am a retired engineer (electronic), and have specified "accessories" for my product designs.

      The engineers at VP test the oils as to what protects and gives best performance to their engines.

      think about this: nowdays, you can get an extension on a factory warranty for up to 7 years. There are no limits on hours or miles. So, they obviously do not want to give out engines free, so they specify what lubricants to use. Moreover, they can get these from the refinery, and private label then, and make a few bucks on it. Today, saw mercruisers oil 25-40 at Wallys World for about $5. Thats about what I pay for 15-40 racing oil. So I bought an oil change to do this weekend.

      Merc claims their oils have corrosion protection additives built in, however, .........

      Go with whats in the manual.

      Note: If the manuals specifcally exclude synthetics, (which the pre-2000 yr manuals did) this does not mean they are "bad" for the engine. It just means that they have not tested them.

      Some of the older synthetics had additives which would violate "O" rings and other seals. Thus, causing a leak. They newer oils, well, we should hope that they learned to test before marketing them. :-)
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        Some of the older GM engines were designed for straight 30 weight. Any multi vis oil and the pressure dropped to zero at idle. Now, certainly, the newer engines need the super thin (fuel saver) oils. So, the right answer is to read the manual for your engine.